Empowering Women

Women are powerful contributors in society, but may face unique challenges when it comes to retirement.

Because of this, it’s important for women to be involved in financial conversations.

By attending our Empowering Women seminar, you can be a part of the conversation and be better equipped to successfully prepare for your retirement.

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At the seminar we will discuss:

How living longer could lead to income concerns

Why legacy planning is a critical part of empowering women

How to improve retirement confidence

Why it’s important to be involved in financial decisions

Aside from these topics, you will learn about other challenges women face that can help you prepare for retirement.

It's time to face your financial future with confidence.

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Haley Sanders

Haley began her career by making coffee and answering phones at her father’s office. Her father, Steve Hansen, founded Steve Hansen & Associates; a retirement planning company. After graduating from the Monfort College of Business at the University of Northern Colorado in 2006, Haley became Steve’s apprentice. Haley has greatly expanded her roles and is now the President of Altitude Wealth Management, LLC., an SEC registered investment advisory firm. 

Haley has a passion for seeing her clients achieve their financial goals and aims to give them peace of mind with regard to their financial future. Haley resides in Elizabeth, Colorado with her husband Jonathan and their two beautiful children, Jaxson and Alexa. Haley is a Colorado native and enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, serving the community and spending quality time with her family.

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